{battle of the bathroom clutter}

There is still more I would like to do to pretty up our bathroom but I’m so excited to finally have the counter organized and tidy after months of it looking like this …
so messy
Something I’ve started doing since reading an e-book I got from A Slob Comes Clean is tackling messes like this in 5-minute increments. I rarely have the time to completely organize and clean an area so doing a little at a time keeps me from feeling overwhelmed. This particular project wasn’t that big but it’s a space we see several times a day so it feels so much better to have it cleaned up.
much better
I am in love with my new Yellow Heart Art print. It’s fabulous because it’s true. I heart Leonora’s beautiful work and her lovely Instagram posts.
And that pretty print from YLKPhotography always brings a smile to my face. Yony is a local photographer and all around awesome person. Her photography is really inspiring.
I also really love the two glass jars I found at Target ($3 for the pair!!) which I’m currently using to hold razors and hair ties. Keeps them away from small hands and easy to find.

There is more to come before I consider this particular battle complete but Operation Declutter 2015 is going strong! I’m hopeful my next trip to IKEA will result in some updates. Fingers crossed!

Arm Party gold

Who hearts bracelets? Everybody, obviously. I’ve been trying all sorts of new methods out thanks to all the DIY bracelet projects on Pinterest. (Remember my neon macrame adventures?) So when I found out about the Arm Party courtesy of Leonora and Illy, I eagerly signed up.

My partner, Chelsea, sent me two fun and trendy pieces – one in gold and black, the other in blue and gold. Thank you, Chelsea! (Btw, she wrote a post on how to DIY that blue and gold braided beauty.)

A certain baby boy I know really kicks up a storm when I hold this bracelet up to current residence. 🙂

Chelsea’s website is fab. Can we talk about her drool-worthy recipes for a minute? This Strawberry Pie sounds and looks shut-the-front-door amazeballs. I almost licked the screen for real. And she provides a super cute free 4 x 6 recipe card download. Delicious.

Speaking of freebie printables, Leonora offers some great ones on her site. If you know me, you know I’m hooked on to-do lists. Leonora’s got some that will make you want to look at your list. My favorites are the blue and red lists. Hilarious and beautifully designed.

While you’re writing that to-do list, be sure to check out Illy’s sweet Etsy shop. It’s full of adorable headbands, earrings and more. How cute are her bows?

Follow all three lovely ladies on twitter and keep up with all their awesome: @YellowHeartArt @muchloveilly @two_twenty_one.