DIY inside-out sopapillas

Before you make these, let me warn you. They are addictive and delicious. Zach got me these amazeballs Jet Puffed “cinnamon bun” marshmallows. The new flavor is delicious. I bet they would be super yummy in coffee. If you love cinnamon, you should try them.

You may remember my post about crescent roll s’mores. These awesome mallows inspired a new experiment: DIY inside-out sopapillas. There’s no honey involved and this recipe is much less messy than the traditional treat. I used dairy-free ingredients to make mine, but you could do the same thing with regular unsalted butter.

Here’s all you need to do: Melt your butter and sprinkle some raw sugar on a plate. Dunk a couple mallows in the butter and roll them in the sugar until they are covered.

Place one or two mallows on a crescent roll and fold the roll shut. Pinch the dough so there aren’t any openings. You want all the mallow goodness to stay inside. Press the roll in the raw sugar to give the outside a sweet coating. Place on foil and cook the same amount of time you would cook regular crescent rolls.

These taste so good. And they are so quick and easy to make. I recommend serving them warm. Enjoy!

DIY crescent roll s’mores

I’ve got the perfect project to celebrate Chocolate Chip Day (August 4) and National S’mores Day (August 10).

I made mine dairy-free, although you certainly aren’t obligated to do the same. Trust me, I’m serious about chocolate and would never steer you toward something that doesn’t taste good. These. Are. Amazing.

What you need:

  1. Bust out your crescent rolls(I put mine in the freezer for about 10 minutes while the oven preheated so they wouldn’t be too sticky while I put together the s’mores.)
  2. Get some marshmallows. We only had big marshmallows. I pulled these into fourths for easier s’more building. Mini marshmallows would be ideal.
  3. And, of course, you need chocolate. I used Enjoy Life mini chips. They were perfect for this recipe and they’re dairy-free.
  4. Also pull out your cookie sheet, foil (to avoid messes), and cooking spray (so your gooey treats will be easy to remove from the foil).

Here’s the quick and easy recipe:

Place some marshmallows and chocolate chips on the dough. Press the chips in a little and they won’t fall off when you roll up all the goodness. As you roll, add more chips between the layers for extra yum.

Be sure to pinch down the edges of the dough so the insides don’t come out. (As you can see below, things get a little messy when you don’t.) Bake as recommended on the crescent roll packaging.

Plate and enjoy! I have to say these are better than any s’mores I have ever eaten. Oh, and your home will smell like chocolate chip cookies.

3 simple steps for magical ice

For those of you who loved the magical water post, I bring you … magical ice. These cubes are a delicious way to spike your water with some extra flavor. Or add it to your iced tea for a little something special. It’s also healthy and quite pretty. And anything that helps us stay hydrated in this crazy summer heat is welcome, right?

Step 1: Rinse the fruit of your choice. I used blueberries because that’s what we had on hand. I bet some diced peaches, raspberries or strawberries would be amazing too. Perhaps a blend of several fruits?

Step 2: Fill an ice cube tray about halfway. Toss fruit in and fill the rest of the way. Already looks delicious, doesn’t it? Place the tray in the freezer and wait.

Step 3. Grab a glass and pull out your magical ice. Add it to your water for a delicious, simple and beautiful treat. Enjoy!

get refreshed with magical water

Summer has definitely arrived with 100-plus temperatures and still months to go. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated. I’ve been giving my water an extra boost with fresh berries. It’s simple, but magical.

Step 1: Grab a glass. Chop or slice your choice of produce. I’ve used fresh chopped strawberries today, but I can highly recommend sliced cucumbers, lemons and oranges. It tastes better and is healthier than store-bought flavored water and you aren’t left with a plastic bottle to recycle.

Step 2: Add your berries (or whatever you choose) to your water, drop in a few ice cubes and a fun straw, and enjoy!