April showers bring my allergies

I love almost everything about spring. The dewy mornings. The cooler weather. The flowers. I could do without the pollen.

The fam is presently fighting what I hope is “just” allergies and not another cold. As I type this, I have tissues stuffed in my nose. Both sides. Attractive, I know. But I choose to focus on the amazing dewdrops and ignore the astonishing rate at which my little family goes through boxes of tissues.

Jake is also loving the weather. And the mud puddles. He is the sweetest, silliest dog ever. He helped me take a few photos this morning. By helped, I mean he gave my phone slobbery kisses and tried to knock me down with his muddy paws. I love him. Muddy paws and all. It is a sign of his increasing maturity that he sat still long enough for me to take his photo too.