adventure awaits

The winter storm photos from NASA are kind of amazing. Have you seen this storm?

We aren’t under a blanket of snow but it’s chilly here and something has turned me into a sneeze machine today. Ugh.

Miles loves being outside, even when it’s cold. So we went out to kick around the yoga ball for a bit this afternoon.

I can’t wait to take him camping someday. He’s going to love it. I hope he always keeps his sense of adventure and wonder.

birthdays on ice

For the last couple days, we have been mostly trapped inside by Icepocalypse 2013 (aka Winter Storm Cleon) here in DFW.

We are iced in. Cabin fever has gotten us out a couple times but the roads are awful so we mostly hunker down at home. (You know it’s bad when even all the Starbucks locations close early.)

Nothing makes you thankful for electricity like freezing temps and a few hours with a power outage. Thankfully ours came back quickly.

Today is my birthday. Yay! Spent the day with my favorite dudes and it was awesome. Oh, and I bought some fancy neon shoes. I wear the same sneakers almost every day until they fall apart. So keep your fingers crossed this neon trend lasts a few more years.

I hope you and yours are warm and toasty this weekend!