Today’s creative daily prompt is “refresh.” One of my favorite things about the start of a new year is finding a new day planner. This time I decided to build my own.

I bought all the components as my Christmas gift to me. It’s so refreshing to have it all set up and ready to use. I’ve color coded the months. I’ve got calendar stickers and washi tape ready to pretty things up along the way. I geek out over office supplies so I’m super excited about it.

What makes you feel refreshed for the new year?

{look up + sky}

Today’s photo-a-day prompts are sky and look up.

This kid always manages to get food, shirt fuzz and who knows what on his neck and under his chin.

A few weeks ago, he started pointing up for airplanes and lights. Teachable moments + enough time to clean off the food and fuzz = success.

Me: “Where is the light?”
Miles: (points up) “Liiiiiiiighs!!”
Me: “Where do airplanes fly?”
Miles: (more pointing) “Ahblane!! Skah!!”