Pipsticks Subscription Review + Feeling Grateful in February 2018

Here, in no particular order, are a few of the things I’m grateful for from February 2018…

• My amazing artist friends and teammates over at Etsy Dallas continue to inspire me every day.

• I’m over the moon to be a new contributor for Dallas Moms Blog! So happy to work with such a talented group of writers.

• Happy mail! I’m a Pipsticks subscriber now and omg y’all. If you love stickers, you need Pipsticks in your life.

I’m trying to get more comfortable with my recorded voice (ugh). So I’m going to try to keep doing these video reviews. I’ll be back soon with my March gratitude post.

Getting things done in my Year of Less

As part of my Year of Less, I’m focusing on something my coworkers and I tell the students we work with all the time: Finished is greater than perfect.

Deadlines exist for a reason and perfection isn’t the goal. Done is the goal. While I’m great at meeting deadlines for others and at work, it’s something I’m not so great about when it comes to my shop or my personal goals.

There’s a reason this blog skipped 2017. I had all these big plans and then never had time to make it perfect so… here we are in 2018.

Maybe it’s the age of social media and the fact that people curate their lives to magazine quality, but it can seem like everyone else has it all figured out. Have you ever met an adult who said they have it all figured out and adulting is easy? Didn’t think so.

Finished>perfect. So I’m giving myself permission to ramble at you even though the editor in me is cringing. Less perfectionism = more accomplishments. I don’t have some magic trick or trade secret. I just want to get things done.

Local finds for your best 2018

I wrote this post about making and maintaining goals/New Year’s Resolutions a couple weeks ago for Etsy Dallas, and wanted to share here as well because I love these Dallas makers and their wares.

I’ve been reading and thinking about hygge. And I’ve chosen my word of the year: less. Less is more in 2018. Who knows? Maybe I’ll finally end the clutter and catch up with the mountain of laundry. Here’s wishing us all a magical and adventurous 2018.

March photo posts


For the month of March, my posts will be dedicated to the March photo a day project from Fat Mum Slim. If you don’t know Chantelle’s blog already, you should check it out! The photos are going to be awesome. Feel free to join in the fun! I’ll get back to regular blogging soon.

Zach and I welcomed Miles on Halloween. Posting even just a photo a day can be challenging with sleep deprivation and such an awesome little distraction. I hope you will stay with me, dear reader, while I adjust to my exciting new adventure as a mom.

homemade pizza = happy tummies

Zach and I had homemade pizzas as part for our anniversary. Best anniversary meal ever! The pizzas were shaped funny but who cares when they taste good?


The pies cooked on a pizza stone (a wedding gift) in our oven. Zach made the dough in our Kitchen Aid mixer (also a wedding gift) using a Tyler Florence recipe I found. We decided to split the dough into six personal-size pizzas so we could experiment. Hooray for leftovers!

My first pizza had a “sauce” Zach made with olive oil and garlic. He topped it with onion, shrimp and sliced mushrooms. No cheese! The flavors were yumazing. I had the same toppings on a pizza with marinara the next day. It reheated beautifully. The flavors soaked into the crust. Zach’s first pizza was topped with salami, pepperoni, onions and mozzarella. He brushed the olive oil and garlic sauce on the crust.

The house still smells like pizza, which is kind of awesome. What are your favorite pizza toppings?