MOOYAH, Jennie-O a spicy combination 

Life with a toddler and an infant is full of sweet snuggles, dirty diapers and very little sleep. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for cooking so Zach and I were excited to get the opportunity to try MOOYAH’s turkey burgers.
Jennie-O Turkey has partnered with MOOYAH restaurant to offer a Jalapeño Jack Turkey Burger. Spicy, healthy dinner we don’t have to cook? Yes, please.
For less than $25, we each got a turkey burger with fries and Zach got a vanilla shake. 
If you want a chance to win some MOOYAH Moolah (get it?), be sure to share some shots of your MOOYAH meals and tag your social media posts with #myMOOYAH. 

{battle of the bathroom clutter}

There is still more I would like to do to pretty up our bathroom but I’m so excited to finally have the counter organized and tidy after months of it looking like this …
so messy
Something I’ve started doing since reading an e-book I got from A Slob Comes Clean is tackling messes like this in 5-minute increments. I rarely have the time to completely organize and clean an area so doing a little at a time keeps me from feeling overwhelmed. This particular project wasn’t that big but it’s a space we see several times a day so it feels so much better to have it cleaned up.
much better
I am in love with my new Yellow Heart Art print. It’s fabulous because it’s true. I heart Leonora’s beautiful work and her lovely Instagram posts.
And that pretty print from YLKPhotography always brings a smile to my face. Yony is a local photographer and all around awesome person. Her photography is really inspiring.
I also really love the two glass jars I found at Target ($3 for the pair!!) which I’m currently using to hold razors and hair ties. Keeps them away from small hands and easy to find.

There is more to come before I consider this particular battle complete but Operation Declutter 2015 is going strong! I’m hopeful my next trip to IKEA will result in some updates. Fingers crossed!



I love all things stationery. I love writing letters. I love fountain pens and gel pens. I love decorating envelopes with doodles, washi and pretty stamps. I’m on postcrossing, Swap-bot and recently became an official member of the Letter Writers Alliance.

I have a big stash of letter sets, stickers, tape, envies, etc. dedicated to my writing addiction hobby. (More posts to come about keeping it all sorted and contained.)

Anyway, my awesome husband got me a gift card to Paper Source for Christmas. I’m so excited, y’all!! And how adorable are their square gift card envies? I got the latest Paper Source catalog in the mail a few days ago and I’ve already got a few things in mind to buy. One can never have too much stationery.

Speaking of “square,” that also happens to be today’s prompt for #fmsphotoaday. Hooray!

{reviewed: big bad bubble}

You know what happens to monsters when they see bubbles? They shriek in fear. Or at least that’s how it works in La La Land.

After taking Big Bad Bubble to some wise young critics, I can tell you that the book is a hit. And that isn’t a huge surprise because the book comes from Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri.

Miles and Diego seemed to most enjoy the doughnut trees. The older kids (3 to 5 years) found the story hilarious and loved the illustrations. So we would highly recommend this book for your little library. It’s a fun one.


{organic adventures}

Our first Urban Acres pick-up was this morning.

The goal in joining the co-op was to get inspiration to try some new foods and recipes. I’m calling our first day a success. I tried Korean melon for the first time and fell in love. It’s like cantaloupe but a bit firmer.

I used some of the beets, onion and greens for a salad for our dinner. I love shredded beets on a salad. And I made chicken marsala tonight for the first time. It was really yummy. Between our Urban Acres produce and the additional ingredients from Whole Foods, we ate all organic and almost all local. And it was delicious.

a Minted love letter

Preparing for special occasions, such as welcoming a baby or planning a party, can be overwhelming. I’m always grateful for sites like Minted that make it easier to find something beautiful and personal. Just look at their birth announcements. If Zach and I are lucky enough to have more children, we are going to have the best time picking out announcements. So much awesome:


Minted is one of my favorite places to shop. I’ve spent hours browsing just for fun. And I really love how supportive Minted is of indie artists. That kind of attitude toward art and commitment to artists is hard to find from retailers these days.

I am still in love with the personalized ornament cards I ordered for Christmas. I have one hanging from my rear view mirror and people compliment me on it all the time.

Seriously. I took my car to get the oil changed a couple weeks ago and the guys were asking where I got it because they want to do order some too.


The Minted site itself has been a big draw for me. You won’t spend ages trying to dig around for what you need. I’m always on my phone so I love that they have a website that works well for mobile and standard browsing. They offer everything from wedding invitations to business cards. My current obsession? Their art and Valentine’s gifts. I mean …


Aren’t they the sweetest? There are so many beautiful and fun art prints I want to get for Miles’ room. Here are some of my favorites:



I’m always happy to share the good in the world, so I am so grateful the kind folks at Minted asked me to share with you. Now go check out all the great design for yourself.

Thank you hearts to Enjoy Life!

My pantry is always stocked with Enjoy Life foods because they are delicious. They also happen to be free from the 8 most common allergens and gluten free. I don’t have to spend ages reading through ingredients to be sure there is no dairy. That makes my life easier.

Their Chewy Bars also make my life easier. For those who haven’t seen my babyspam elsewhere, Miles is now walking!!! Are you doing a happy dance? I totally am. It’s awesome but it means we are seriously on the go now. If I’m going to eat, it better be quick because Miles has adventures to go on and he needs me to come with.

So I keep Enjoy Life cocoa loco bars in my diaper bag. And a box of mixed berry sits on our table. Those are two of the four Chewy Bar flavors. Caramel apple and sunbutter crunch are yummy too. They feel so appropriate for the holiday season too. Miles helped me with the taste test and he approves too.
I’m sending thank you hearts to Enjoy Life for making my life easier and tastier. What are you grateful for? What’s making your life easier this holiday season?

my new fave snack food

Enjoy Life was kind enough to send me boxes of their new soft baked bars. Holy deliciousness! I tried four flavors: S’mores, Chocolate SunButter, Cinnamon Bun and Cherry Cobbler. These are the first snack bars I’ve ever had that were actually soft. Oh, and they are gluten-free, verified non-GMO and free of the eight major allergens? Nailed it!

These arrived amid a random s’more craving I had been harboring for weeks. When you can’t eat dairy, s’mores cravings are hard to accommodate. So my favorite of the four flavors was, not suprisingly, S’mores. But Chocolate SunButter came in a close second. I’ve been stashing the bars in my diaper bag for those times when I manage to remember everything I need to leave the house, get in the car, and suddenly realize I haven’t eaten yet. It happens. These aren’t meal replacements, but they have prevented my hangry more than once. Lol.

I’m a huge fan of Enjoy Life foods. I wouldn’t share them with you, if I didn’t love them. Check out the recipes on their site for some truly drool worthy goodness.