a little background

Hey y’all!

I’m a laid-back person who loves books, happy mail, subscription boxes and coffee. In my typically unremarkable days, I like to make things. Nothing feels more zen to me than creating something – whether it’s a hand-stamped notebook, a letter to a pen friend or a social media post.

Zach and I love to travel when we can. I have a Starbucks addiction I can’t really afford. And we have a very spoiled chocolate lab mix named Jake who we adopted from the SPCA. One of Jake’s favorite games is Try To Steal The Human’s Drink. He also tries to share his rawhide treats which is nice in a disgusting, slobbery sort of way.

We are the proud parents to the most wonderful little boy and little girl in the world. Miles and Aurelia fill our hearts with more love and joy than we ever could have ever imagined would be possible.

I’m a journalism adviser by day and Social Media Director for Etsy Dallas, the best artist collective in the world. When I’m not reading, writing or chasing my kids around with a camera, I’m most likely making something. Sometimes it’s just another pot of coffee. I’m always working on happy mail for someone. And I will never catch up with all the laundry in our house.

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