a little background

Hey buster!

I’m a laid back person living an unintentionally dramatic life. If we ever meet for coffee, I’ll tell you all about it. We’ll laugh and cry and you’ll think I’m making it up.

In my typically unremarkable days, I like to make things. Nothing feels more zen to me than creating something – whether it’s a notebook, a scarf or news article. I’ve had more than my fair share of curve balls in life. (That little cliche just about sums up my baseball knowledge, just so you know.) Building something tangible makes me feel present and calm in a way little else can.

My husband and I love to travel when we aren’t living in dark economic times and surviving on ramen and garden veggies. I have a Starbucks addiction I can’t really afford. And we have a very spoiled chocolate lab mix named Jake who we adopted from the SPCA. One of Jake’s favorite games is Try To Steal The Human’s Drink. He also tries to share his rawhide treats which is nice in a disgusting, slobbery sort of way.

We are the proud parents to the most wonderful little boy in the world. Miles fills my heart and spirit with more love and joy than I ever could have ever imagined would be possible.

I’m a journalism adviser by day (and often night). When I’m not reading, writing or editing, I’m most likely making something. Sometimes it’s just dinner. Ramen stir fry, anyone? I’m always working on a new project. Follow @RoriStories (that’s me) on Twitter for discount offers and the occasional chance to win goodies like the ones in my Etsy shop. While you’re in a following mood, check out the MadeByRori Facebook page for more ways to get insider info.

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