Grateful for you, January 2018

My word of the year is “less.” I’m not sure exactly what that looks like in practice but I’m thinking it means making more space for what is important. Literal and figurative space. Because less is more right? I am a big believer in the power of gratitude. So … less stress about my to-do lists means more energy to focus on what I’m grateful for.

My plan is to post a quick gratitude roundup here at the end of each month. I’ll take stock and hopefully, as needed, refocus my attention. So here, in no particular order, are a few of the things I’m grateful for from January 2018…

  • One more month of avoiding Flumaggedon! We managed to get through the month without the flu which seems to be taking down every other person we know. Fingers crossed we can continue to avoid the flu germs.
  • The Navy veteran and stranger who paid for my whole Starbucks order. You were in line in front of me and I don’t know who you were or what inspired your generosity but I paid it forward immediately by buying for the person behind me. If y’all know the person who drives a white SUV with the plates SUBSVC, tell them I’m sending them all the positive vibes. They made my day during a hectic week.
  • Happy mail is probably going to be on my list every month. And that’s fine with me. This month ended with a post box stuffed full of letters, postcards and packages from all over the world. And I love making those connections.
  • The best team in the world is Etsy Dallas. It’s a fact. And I’m thrilled and excited to be a part of this team again. I believe this will be my seventh year. It is going to be amazing. We have so much in store for 2018.

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