I love all things stationery. I love writing letters. I love fountain pens and gel pens. I love decorating envelopes with doodles, washi and pretty stamps. I’m on postcrossing, Swap-bot and recently became an official member of the Letter Writers Alliance.

I have a big stash of letter sets, stickers, tape, envies, etc. dedicated to my writing addiction hobby. (More posts to come about keeping it all sorted and contained.)

Anyway, my awesome husband got me a gift card to Paper Source for Christmas. I’m so excited, y’all!! And how adorable are their square gift card envies? I got the latest Paper Source catalog in the mail a few days ago and I’ve already got a few things in mind to buy. One can never have too much stationery.

Speaking of “square,” that also happens to be today’s prompt for #fmsphotoaday. Hooray!

One thought on “{square}

  1. Your letters/cards/notes get read first, I bet. When I sort through my mail, what do I open first? The cute envelope! Most of the others don’t even get opened that day. My prediction is that the personal touch will return. Glad you got a gift you love!

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