Today’s creative daily prompt is “refresh.” One of my favorite things about the start of a new year is finding a new day planner. This time I decided to build my own.

I bought all the components as my Christmas gift to me. It’s so refreshing to have it all set up and ready to use. I’ve color coded the months. I’ve got calendar stickers and washi tape ready to pretty things up along the way. I geek out over office supplies so I’m super excited about it.

What makes you feel refreshed for the new year?

3 thoughts on “{refresh}

  1. Organizing and storing things in clear tubs refreshes my closets. I get one thing out of my house every day by giving it away or trashing it so I get rid of 365 things each year. Last year was the first year I did this and I haven’t missed a single thing that left. Refreshing every day!

  2. I do a midwinter clean, in preparation for Christmas. This year it was a big one, with some major rearrangement of furniture, so it’s still a work in progress. Need to get it done, and then I’ll feel ready to face the new year.
    Hopefully I’ll also have a new job. Did the application on the 30th December, interview on the 6th of January. Fingers very tightly crossed.

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