{reviewed: big bad bubble}

You know what happens to monsters when they see bubbles? They shriek in fear. Or at least that’s how it works in La La Land.

After taking Big Bad Bubble to some wise young critics, I can tell you that the book is a hit. And that isn’t a huge surprise because the book comes from Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri.

Miles and Diego seemed to most enjoy the doughnut trees. The older kids (3 to 5 years) found the story hilarious and loved the illustrations. So we would highly recommend this book for your little library. It’s a fun one.


One thought on “{reviewed: big bad bubble}

  1. The vibrant illustrations and fun story were a hit with the group of 3-5 year olds that listened to this book at my school. They also like the larger size of the book. It’s a keeper!

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