{less TV = more life}

We finally broke up with cable after months of talking about how much richer our lives would be without the distraction of TV. Richer in time not wasted and in literal financial savings. Less is so much more.

Now we still have Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime subscriptions so it’s not a TV-free life. Still. It’s so much better than paying insanely high fees for hundreds of channels, many of which we never watched.

Miles requested Elmo and Thomas today and I found both online easily. Zach and I have watched some awesome documentaries on Hulu we might never taken time to watch before. And it’s so much more interesting to see real people. Not people performing for reality TV, but actual reality. You know?

The next TWC bill we get will be about half what we were paying, maybe less, because we only kept Internet. We are putting part of the savings toward a co-op membership. Hooray for local, organic produce. Our first Urban Acres pick-up is this weekend. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to support local farmers and businesses and to try new recipes with my family.

I have a feeling we won’t miss that cable subscription. We will be too busy with real life.


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