{messy realness ftw}

I was talking with some blogger friends recently about how strange it is that so many people feel the need to make their lives look perfect. We try to make everything seem perpetually tidy and perfect online. We want to present our best selves, right?  Whatever that means. Do we really think someone will unfollow us for being human?

photo 1

In an age where cameras are everywhere, sometimes it can feel like we shouldn’t even leave the house unless we are camera-ready. What if we unwittingly photobomb one of Brandon Stanton‘s shots and end up plastered all over the interwebs in our “laundry day” bra?

It turns out there’s a word for these social media perfectionists: Decornographers. I love pretty pictures too. I’ve fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole many evenings and stayed up way too late. So many beautiful pictures!

But, honestly, when do these people sleep? Or shower? Or find the time to create perfect bento-style meals for their toddlers all while taking time to set up the tripod and a little lighting so they have photos for their next post? No offense if your life looks like something styled by Real Simple. Feel free to take me on as your pet project. I love Real Simple.

photo 2

In the mean time, I’ll just keep creatively cropping out the messy realness that is my life. The next time you’re looking at Instagram and wondering how in the world that person manages to have such a perfectly organized desk or such an immaculate table setting, consider the cropping.

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