a Minted love letter

Preparing for special occasions, such as welcoming a baby or planning a party, can be overwhelming. I’m always grateful for sites like Minted that make it easier to find something beautiful and personal. Just look at their birth announcements. If Zach and I are lucky enough to have more children, we are going to have the best time picking out announcements. So much awesome:


Minted is one of my favorite places to shop. I’ve spent hours browsing just for fun. And I really love how supportive Minted is of indie artists. That kind of attitude toward art and commitment to artists is hard to find from retailers these days.

I am still in love with the personalized ornament cards I ordered for Christmas. I have one hanging from my rear view mirror and people compliment me on it all the time.

Seriously. I took my car to get the oil changed a couple weeks ago and the guys were asking where I got it because they want to do order some too.


The Minted site itself has been a big draw for me. You won’t spend ages trying to dig around for what you need. I’m always on my phone so I love that they have a website that works well for mobile and standard browsing. They offer everything from wedding invitations to business cards. My current obsession? Their art and Valentine’s gifts. I mean …


Aren’t they the sweetest? There are so many beautiful and fun art prints I want to get for Miles’ room. Here are some of my favorites:



I’m always happy to share the good in the world, so I am so grateful the kind folks at Minted asked me to share with you. Now go check out all the great design for yourself.

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