roasting and baking and serving

Oh my! What was I thinking when I decided I would cook so much this week?

So it turns out roasted pork loin stuffed with mushrooms and baby spinach is pretty easy. (Phew!) It is also clear that if challah is meant for bread pudding, it must be kept out of sight until said pudding has been made. Lesson learned. I purchased a replacement. Now let’s hope the chocolate cinnamon-y goodness tastes as magical as it sounds.

One of my weekly resolutions is to bake. I’m going with small goals each week rather than monster resolutions that will only taunt me from my journal until I push them out of my mind sometime in March.

resolutions for lent
This weekend I’m making pumpkin pie. And I’m pretty sure this new fitbit is going to tell me I need to go for a walk …

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