Thank you hearts to Enjoy Life!

My pantry is always stocked with Enjoy Life foods because they are delicious. They also happen to be free from the 8 most common allergens and gluten free. I don’t have to spend ages reading through ingredients to be sure there is no dairy. That makes my life easier.

Their Chewy Bars also make my life easier. For those who haven’t seen my babyspam elsewhere, Miles is now walking!!! Are you doing a happy dance? I totally am. It’s awesome but it means we are seriously on the go now. If I’m going to eat, it better be quick because Miles has adventures to go on and he needs me to come with.

So I keep Enjoy Life cocoa loco bars in my diaper bag. And a box of mixed berry sits on our table. Those are two of the four Chewy Bar flavors. Caramel apple and sunbutter crunch are yummy too. They feel so appropriate for the holiday season too. Miles helped me with the taste test and he approves too.
I’m sending thank you hearts to Enjoy Life for making my life easier and tastier. What are you grateful for? What’s making your life easier this holiday season?

2 thoughts on “Thank you hearts to Enjoy Life!

  1. I’m grateful for my sweet baby grandson! What makes my life easier this holiday season? Having a grandbaby! Life is all about children!

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