a room


Miles’ nursery is definitely the best room in the house. It’s cheerful, bright and fun.

When we first moved in, way back when Z and I were still in college, the room was a catch-all for boxes and miscellaneous things. Then one of our best friends moved in for a while and it was her room. And then it was empty for a while.

When we found out we were pregnant the first time, it became the twins’ room. But they never got to see it. So then it was empty for a while.

When we found out we were pregnant again, I was afraid to do anything to the room so it stayed mostly as-is until very close to Miles’ birth. And then, a well-tended garden, it burst into this happy place filled with color and light. Dorothy in Oz. Our lives in technicolor.

Anywhere I look in his room, there is something special. A blanket my grandmother made for him. The embroidery hoop my mother made with the outline of his hand stitched in blue and his name stitched below. Books from friends and relatives. The stuffed polar bear from my dean that is now a bit disheveled from all the messy baby kisses.

Hints of Liam and Sebastian are here too. In the rainbow print I bought on Etsy. In the collection of Dr. Seuss books from the book subscription we started when I was pregnant with them.

This room is filled with love. And it is my favorite room in the house.

This is the 22nd of my August photo a day posts.

2 thoughts on “a room

  1. It’s my favorite room, too. A nursery is such a special room because some houses never have one and when they do, it only stays a nursery for a few years.

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