someone you spoke to today

I keep realizing I’m talking (out loud) to myself. Perhaps it’s just that the whirring to-do list in my brain can’t stay confined. Maybe it’s a habit from narrating the world for Miles. Or maybe it’s just my millennial brain.

Mostly I’m reminding myself to do things. Make an appointment for an eye exam. Get Sarah’s stuff ready to mail out. Put Kaitlyn’s package in your purse so you can’t forget it. Email Kendra so she’ll get it Monday. Put bottle brushes on the Target list.

I write these things down. I email myself. I ask Siri to remind me. But I still talk to myself. You talk to yourself too, right?

This is the 18th of my August photo a day posts.

One thought on “someone you spoke to today

  1. I make lists constantly. Baby Brain never goes away! Too much going on right now but in a few weeks things will calm down again.

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