I have never been a materialistic person. I don’t feel the desire to own lots of clothes, shoes or pieces of jewelry. I don’t feel particularly attached to objects. And I’m not quite sure what, along my path, allowed me such freedom.

Maybe it was something in the way I was raised. I certainly never went without but I remember feeling, from very early on, that experiences held more value than things.

I still buy things I don’t have to have, but I try to stick with things that are both useful and lasting. I also still follow the one-thing-in-two-things-out rule when I bring something home. I often wonder what my great grandparents and their great grandparents would think of how we live today. Of all the choices we are presented with something as simple as which cereal to buy. Would they envy us or pity our lack of focus for all the distractions?

This is the 8th of my July photo a day posts.

One thought on “path

  1. They would worry about us, I think. They might think we have become weak because of all the physical comforts we enjoy- air conditioning, indoor plumbing, easily obtained food. Medical advances have increased our longevity which I’m sure they would envy. We are happier than they were and I believe we all hope life is even easier and happier for those that come after us.

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