We all hope for things. For ourselves. For our children. I believe we live forever only by loving and teaching others, especially if those others are our children.

Some of my hopes for Miles:
That he can someday understand how much his mom and dad love him;
That he finds someone he loves as much as I love his daddy;
That his generation doesn’t go to war or struggle through bad economies;
That he never gets too old or too cool to hug his mom and dad;
That he always strives to treat others with love and respect, including himself;
That he finds something he loves to do and can make a living doing it;
That he doesn’t have to struggle to grow his family the way we did;
That he goes on adventures;
That he is responsible with money;
That he loves animals;
That he loves books;
That he is better at math than me;
That he stands up for what is right, even when it isn’t popular;
That he still calls regularly when he’s all grown up and busy;
That he perseveres;
That he laughs every day …

This is the 4th of my February photo a day posts.

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