… and I feel fine


Looks like it’s not the end of the world as we know it. Silly Mayan calendar.

To celebrate the world not ending (and also for some holiday thingy), we met the family for lunch.


It was the first restaurant outing for Miles and he did great. What an awesome little boy we have. This will be our best Christmas yet, for sure!


2 thoughts on “… and I feel fine

  1. You do have an awesome little boy! Enjoy your Christmas with sweet baby cuddles! Not sure how he gets cuter every day, but he does. 🙂

  2. This will be a Christmas you will never forget. There is nothing like a baby at Christmas. There is nothing like a baby, anytime, actually! Since he did so well, maybe you and Z can start having a date night out every week or two. It can be a dinner out with baby! The rest of the world loves to see a family out together. That’s why even men will gaze at the baby as they walk past and women always smile at the Mom.

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