We live an old house. And old houses, especially in drought-ridden Texas, come with cracks. My plan was to cover the crack in our nursery with a rather complicated custom wood cutout. Then my mom came up with this genius solution.

Now there’s a felt tree covering the ugly crack. (No, the crack wasn’t that big. We just wanted a big tree.) And we used Velcro for the leaves and bird so they can change with the seasons. Educational! I love it. And Miles loves to stare at it.

Coming soon: a fox, a squirrel, a knot in the trunk with Miles’ initials “carved” (stitched) on it, and whatever else we come up with. You can’t tell from the photo, but the tree stretches from the baseboard and up onto part of the ceiling.

This is the 27th of my November photo a day posts.

3 thoughts on “tree

  1. Also a little toadstool is going to be at the bottom of the tree. Felt is wonderful! Inexpensive and easy to cut , sew, glue, Velcro. Good stuff. Used the Big Shot from Stampin’Up to cut out all the leaves. We can add snowflakes….if it EVER snows. : )

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