The holidays were tough last year. Liam and Sebastian should have been with us. Instead, we were mourning them and not feeling particularly grateful or celebratory.

This year is so much better. Things will never be perfect because Liam and Sebastian aren’t here. But things are about as perfect as they could be because Miles is here and he has filled our house and our hearts with love.

Today I am grateful for all my amazing doctors and nurses, for my body which carried Miles to term and is recovering so well, for my amazing husband who is such an awesome dad, and for our incredible support system for seeing us through the good times and the bad.

This is the 22nd of my November photo a day posts.

One thought on “grateful

  1. These are the best of days. Thankfully, we are past the worst of days. Lucky Miles and lucky us! When he was born, we were all born anew. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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