blogging: from double to quadruple digits

So y’all know I post here daily and you may wonder why I go to the trouble. I know some of you do because some of you have asked me IRL. 😉

It’s amazing what daily posting can do!

I think the numbers speak for themselves. The middle row shows the views I got in 2011 with my sporadic (to say the least) posts. The bottom row shows the big jump I’ve gotten in 2012 since I began participating in Project #icandoit365. The project officially launched in August, but I jumped the gun and started daily posts in July.

It’s a great idea to plan, write and edit posts ahead of time. I would love to say I always do that, but the truth is I prepare ahead about as often as I don’t. Sometimes, I’m scrambling to throw together my posts at 11:30 p.m. But I’m always happy I went to the trouble. Whether a post reaches 10 people or 150 people, I love the sense of connection and community I’ve found in the blogging world.

Is daily blogging for everyone? No, of course not. But regular blogging is doable for anyone. Maybe that means once a week for you. Or maybe it means a couple times each month. Whatever works for you. I strongly encourage you to try it out, if it’s something you’ve ever considered. And consider joining us in Project #icandoit365. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve had a random flurry of ideas strike all at once. Each time that happens, I quickly grab my notebook and furiously write down the ideas before they disappear. So I’ve always got a resource of post ideas for those days when I just can’t think of what to post.

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