one room at a time


A home is a constant work in progress. Our room has been cluttered and cramped for years, but we finally cleared it out. This year we got the Ikea Hemnes bed for our anniversary and it looks much nicer than the old one.

The 13 storage tubs that used to line a whole wall of the room are now in the garage, as they should be. No more Hoarders-worthy pathways for us! Ok, so maybe it wasn’t quite that bad. But it’s a zillion times better now.

There’s still a list a mile long of things we need to fix, update, etc. in this house. But it’s coming along. The next big project we need to tackle is the kitchen. It will be a while before we can afford to do anything in there. Probably several years. Lol.

What home project made the biggest difference for you? What’s your dream project for your place?

4 thoughts on “one room at a time

    • I hate it when I hit reply with my elbow before I’m done…anyway,and PUT away the suitcases. Making a room your special place is important, setting up my sewing machine and putting some pictures up next.

  1. Next project is to pack up stuff from front room and get some furniture out. Too much of everything! I love the “less is more” concept because it creates calm…and there’s a lot less to clean. Maybe I’ll do it over the Thanksgiving holiday.
    Your new room is beautiful!!!

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