weekend reads #8

Weekend reads is a regular roundup of bloggers and their awesome sites. I sometimes get overwhelmed with all the new blogs I want to check out. This is a series of weekly posts, which features blogs I already follow as well as ones I’m just discovering. Let’s get started!

Dear Baby is Melissa’s super sweet blog. She and her husband have a daughter and a son. The posts are all about their adorable family. If you don’t blog already, you will probably want to after seeing the posts.

The posts read like love letters to her children with special notes on how tall they are and funny things they recently said. There are family recipes provided for them. Someday these kids will be all grown up and have this amazing digital scrapbook of memories from their parents.

I would provide specific links here, but the posts are individually linkable. There are special links on the right of the main page, though. Look for the Letters to Everly link for posts for their daughter. And Letters to Arlo for posts for their son.

I dare you to get through a few of these posts without crying. I read one aloud to Zach and he nearly cried too. It has inspired us to do the same for son. More to come on that, I’m sure. 🙂

On to Baby is a style blog edited by Susie who welcomed her daughter, Gracie, in 2011. The site was created by the team at The Wedding Chicks.

There are some really useful posts for expecting parents and those with little ones already here. I could spend hours browsing their Real Nurseries. Sooooo many beautiful baby spaces! And the Parties posts are adorable. How cute is that blue and orange party? So much cute!

If you’re a Pinterest addict like me, you may very well recognize lots of their images. I know I’ve repinned lots of their lovely finds. Oh, and a little warning: You may run out of ink fast if you spend too much time browsing their free printables.

Grey Likes Baby is a beautiful blog curated by Summer. Her posts are filled with photos that will inspire you to get creative. There are stunning family photos, adorable Halloween costume ideas and plenty more.

This site is highly visual. I really love the post on frame walls. This is something I’m hoping to add to our nursery, as we take photos of our little guy. I’ve got spray paint ready to coordinate frames, which I plan to get second-hand. I like when the frame styles vary. There are simple and adorable DIY projects too!

If you write a blog I should know about or have a favorite you would like to recommend, contact me. If you’re interested in writing about three of your favorite blogs, let me know and we can talk about setting up a guest post.

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