DIY tissue paper poms

Photos by Rori Harrington

I made these DIY tissue paper poms for my awesome hostesses to use at my baby shower. (Thank you Misty and Lindsay!) They were fun and easier than I expected. A friend also recommended trying this with tulle fabric, which would probably look amazing. I haven’t tried that … yet. 🙂

1. These poms are easy and fun. Here’s what you need: Tissue (8 sheets per pom) in the colors of your choice; scissors; paper cutter; tapestry needle; twine; twist ties (I saved up the ones from bread for a few weeks to make these).

2. Be sure to evenly stack your 8 sheets per pom. My stacks were between 20″ x 10″ and 20″ x 12″ for these poms.

3. Take one stack and make an accordion fold of about 1″ until you reach the end. (You are doing the folding along the 20″ length, so you should be left with a 10-12″ folded piece.

4. Wrap and wind a twist tie at the center of the accordion fold.

5. Trim each end into a rounded edge. If you have a punch, you may want to use it. I just used a good pair of craft scissors.

6. Fan out one end of the pom.

7. Carefully (you don’t want to tear them) pull each leaf away. Don’t worry if things seem wrinkly. It’s going to look great once you finish.

8. Before moving to the next side, take a length (base this on your needs) of twine and thread it through a tapestry needle. Carefully thread the needle under one end of the twist tie for convenient hanging. After the twine has been added, fan out the next side and repeat step 7.

9. You’re done! Now you just have to decide where to hang your fun creations.



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