weekend reads #6

Weekend reads is a regular roundup of bloggers and their awesome sites. I sometimes get overwhelmed with all the new blogs I want to check out. This is a series of weekly posts, which features blogs I already follow as well as ones I’m just discovering. Let’s get started!

I’m doubling up on weekend reads this week, as promised. There will be three more posted tomorrow in addition to today’s three. All six for this weekend are focused on living frugal. As someone who knows all about living on a limited budget, I find it helpful to learn from fellow budget-conscious bloggers. Now that we have a little one on the way, I’m especially interested in blogs with a focus on women and families.

I really love Frugal Babe. It features years of posts by a wife and mom working to pay down business debt as well as a mortgage. Over the years she has become a mother of two and she never claims to be some financial guru. She simply shares her own experiences.

I really enjoyed her post on gift giving on a budget. Giving her kids experiences rather than toys sounds like a fun idea. Adventures are much more fun than things, in my opinion.

I also like her post on a pantry overhaul. I’m currently on the hunt for a door rack for our pantry. And as a jar saver, I love her use of them for storing bulk foods. I think I’ll start using them for our bird food. We’ve been using plastic containers, but the static makes them a bit of a pain.

Stacy is the budget-conscious, crafty mother of four behind Not Just a Housewife. On the blog, she says she likes to work within a budget because it forces one to think outside the box. I love that way of looking at it!

Her tutorials are awesome and easy to follow. I really liked the polka-dot solar lamp tutorial. She also has some fun family projects. How adorable are the cardboard cars for an indoor drive-in movie night with the family? What kid wouldn’t love that? Fun (and frugal)!

Her blog is lovely too. She has giveaways and writes about life stuff too. This is not a stuffy blog, which is nice. And she doesn’t constantly pitch products. Also nice. I really enjoyed her post about decorating with meaning. Let’s face it, the things we love most in our homes are almost always the ones with special significance, right? All the more reason not to constantly buy new tchotchkes.

The Frugalista is a website and a blog. There’s a little bit of everything frugal and fabulous on this site. Natalie P. McNeal is the journalist and personal finance smarty behind the site.

I think Natalie and I are kindred spirits. She took a vow of frugality after going a month without any hair appointments, meals out or mani/pedi time. I haven’t had a manicure or pedicure in more than a year, and just had my first haircut in more than 10 months. As for meals out, I would much rather spend the money on groceries and eat at home.

I love Natalie’s blog. It’s smart and savvy without being dry. And she has some great tips. Her post on frugal entertainment is great. Am I the only one who didn’t know about Bulktix? (Be sure to click through to her guest post for more goodness!) I also heart her Q&A with Edward Humes. Can you believe how much trash the average American makes in a day?

If you write a blog I should know about or have a favorite you would like to recommend, contact me. If you’re interested in writing about three of your favorite blogs, let me know and we can talk about setting up a guest post.

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