seeking balance with a perpetual to-do list

(Adbusters postcard)

A friend and I have been emailing each other about how we keep feeling overwhelmed by all the things we want to accomplish before our babies arrive. Speaking for myself (and probably her too), it seems like every time I knock something off my to-do list, I immediately think of something else to add to the list.

But here’s the thing: There’s no need to panic. We just have to (shameless plug coming) keep calm and get done what we can. The other stuff? Well, it will just have to work itself out or wait for a while to get tackled.

Let’s be honest. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for all the things we do get done. I used to keep a got-done list instead of a to-do list to remind myself of this. I have such a hard time remembering things lately that the to-do lists are a necessity. So I’ve broken down my three-page list (that’s how long it is typed) into chunks with the most important things on my list for this week. It’s less daunting and helps me stay focused on the important and more time sensitive tasks. (And I’m not trying to complete everything by myself.)

I completed 80 percent of today’s to-do list. I feel good about that. And I’m confident I’ll complete 80 percent or more of the things I want to accomplish this week. I’m not going to beat myself up about the remaining tasks. They will get done. And the world won’t end if they don’t. Sometimes a nap is more valuable than ticking a box on my never-ending list. Fact.

Do you run yourself ragged trying to get it all done or have you found that magical balance in your life? Share your secrets!

One thought on “seeking balance with a perpetual to-do list

  1. Here is my hint: always take care of the money first. If that is covered, everything else will be fine. Next, do anything that must be done. After that, do what you can,but if you are tired-sleep. If you are hungry-eat. If you could do the laundry but someone invites you to do something fun-go for the FUN! I live by lists and sometimes am overwhelmed, but doesn’t it always seem to work out just fine? : )

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