of politics and pancakes

I like my social media like I like my pancakes: light and fluffy. I’ve worked in newsrooms during election years, wars and natural disasters. I’ve had my fill of life’s dark side, personally and professionally.

My first gig out of college was as a copy editor for a newspaper. It was a great experience for a lot of reasons, but it also wore me out in some ways. My role required pagination (layout of pages), writing headlines and cutlines, editing in-house content for AP Style, selecting and sometimes cutting (for space) wire articles, and selecting wire photos.

Without going into too much detail, selecting wire photos involves looking at the shots submitted by photographers working all over the world. I’ve seen photos taken immediately after IED explosions; I’ve seen graphic bullet wounds; I’ve seen images from Katrina that probably never ran in any publication. Of course, I was sitting in a cubicle browsing those photos in search of something I could run with news articles. In no way would I equate that with the potential trauma of the journalists and photographers getting those stories and images. They will always have my admiration. But an impact was made, nonetheless.

I read newspapers and watch the news. Yes, I have opinions about all the things happening in the world. I encourage others to be informed too.

I just prefer to focus my online posts on the lighter parts of life. Let’s face it, life can be dark enough. And we could all use more pancakes.

One thought on “of politics and pancakes

  1. That’s why we all read your blog. After reading the newspaper and Fluent News online, your happy stories dilute all the bad in the world. Cute cartoon! Sorry for the horror you have seen in those AP photos…
    You are good at surrounding yourself and others with what is good and beautiful!!!

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