a few of my favorite (hair) things

As you know, I recently got a major haircut. I also got some new products to go along with my new cut. Here’s a roundup of what I’ve been using (old and new) …

Solano Plasmium Gel Grip Round Brush ($21 solanopower.com)

When my hair was long, I rarely dried it because it is so thick and took forever. I figured I wouldn’t be able to use a blow dryer and brush with my new cut because my hair has a tendency to be a static disaster when I use a brush on while it’s short.

This Solano brush is magic! First of all, it has this squishy handle that is awesome. And the fancy ceramic barrel (with ionic and tourmaline tech) actually keeps the static away. I hope it keeps this up in the winter too.

Goody Softies ($4.99 Target)

These trendy little hair accessories are super fun and are launching in Target this month. Goody Softies come in several shapes and colors. The cool thing is they use their teeth to stay in place. Even with my short locks, these managed to stay put. The best part? They don’t leave any dents or tangles when you want to move them or take them out.

Rusk Being Sexy Gel ($14 StyleSource.com)

A big part of selecting product for me is fragrance. Rusk’s Being Sexy Gel smells delicious. This is one of a handful of products I’ve been rotating through since I chopped off my hair. Some gels leave hair looking dirty and clumped. This one lives up to its promise of a strong but flexible hold. And it adds texture without a lot of effort, which is nice. It works on wet or dry hair.

Redken Matte Sponge 05 ($18 Ulta)

This stuff is amazeballs. I just use a tiny bit – about a dime-size dollop – and cover my roots while my hair is still wet. Redkin Matte Sponge has a very subtle and delicious smell that I love. It’s a lifesaver if you are in a rush and don’t have time for any additional styling. It also shampoos out easily unlike some of the product I’ve used in the past. I got this on the recommendation of my stylist (thank you Monica!) and I’m so glad I did.

TIGI S Factor Creamy Molding Wax ($15.99 TheBeautyPlace.com)

S Factor is another product that I love for the smell and the function. It has the fragrance of cantaloupe and bananas. A teeny bit of the wax goes a long way so it really lasts. It shampoos out without the sticky residue so many waxes leave behind.

What are your favorite hair products?

2 thoughts on “a few of my favorite (hair) things

  1. So that is why you look so perky! I use nothing on my hair which is why I look drab and bedraggled… I’ll have to try some of these products. Thanks!

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