my first blog award + my 15 nominees

Big thank you hearts go out to Marsella’s Book Ends for honoring me with a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I feel all fancy! I’ve never gotten a blogger award so this was a really lovely surprise.

7 random facts about me

1. David Copperfield made me disappear during a performance in Dallas. Sorry, I can’t share what I know.

2. When my wisdom teeth were removed, none of the drugs worked. None. Let’s just say that when they literally touched that first nerve, my entire body arched from the pain. The only things touching the chair were my heels and my head. It was epic pain.

3. My husband, cousin and I were near the Panama border on our way to the airport in Costa Rica, when our bus was stopped by state police. They had these huge guns and made everyone get off the bus and stand in a line along the road. There was an officer (he had a badge on a chain around his neck, anyway) cutting fruit on the back of a parked truck with a machete. They were looking for drug mules. It was a tense 20 minutes or so. Thankfully there were no mules on our bus.

4. I worked five part-time jobs and went to school full time for the first three years of college. Not all at once. I usually had two or three jobs at any given time, though. And I earned an academic scholarship that paid half my tuition for my two years at university. Yes, I went for five years. (I loved college and would have stayed in longer if there was money to pay for it.)

5. Of the places I’ve traveled, my favorite city is Lagos, Portugal.

6. I have a problem with clutter. I’m working on it.

7. I once ran down a car (on foot in a parking lot) after the driver ran into my car and tried to flee. It wasn’t the logical thing to do, but it wasn’t possible for me to turn my car around the way the accident happened. I caught up with her to the applause of people who came out of shops and restaurants to cheer me on. If you know me in real life, you know I don’t run. That was pure adrenaline. Thankfully the driver had insurance, which paid for the damage to my car.

15 blogs I’m nominating for a VIB Award
(in no particular order)

All my nominees are truly amazing. You should definitely add them to your reading list, especially if you’re an artist or crafter. Enjoy!

There are four requisites to accepting a VIB Award, from what I could find online: Post a link to the blogger who nominated you. Post the award image on your page. Share seven facts about yourself. Nominate 15 other blogs.

4 thoughts on “my first blog award + my 15 nominees

  1. Congratulations!!! I know you work hard to bring good info to your blog so I know I AM always inspired…and educated. I learn so much from you!

  2. Aw man! David Copperfield came to my hometown BUT I had the chicken pox and couldn’t go! My daddy and big brother went without us and the girl next to THEM disappeared. That cold have been me!!!!

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