DIY inside-out sopapillas

Before you make these, let me warn you. They are addictive and delicious. Zach got me these amazeballs Jet Puffed “cinnamon bun” marshmallows. The new flavor is delicious. I bet they would be super yummy in coffee. If you love cinnamon, you should try them.

You may remember my post about crescent roll s’mores. These awesome mallows inspired a new experiment: DIY inside-out sopapillas. There’s no honey involved and this recipe is much less messy than the traditional treat. I used dairy-free ingredients to make mine, but you could do the same thing with regular unsalted butter.

Here’s all you need to do: Melt your butter and sprinkle some raw sugar on a plate. Dunk a couple mallows in the butter and roll them in the sugar until they are covered.

Place one or two mallows on a crescent roll and fold the roll shut. Pinch the dough so there aren’t any openings. You want all the mallow goodness to stay inside. Press the roll in the raw sugar to give the outside a sweet coating. Place on foil and cook the same amount of time you would cook regular crescent rolls.

These taste so good. And they are so quick and easy to make. I recommend serving them warm. Enjoy!

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