our washing machine is possessed

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure our washing machine has a mind of its own and the ability to tell time. It only leaks after 10 p.m. and only on school nights. Tonight it leaked for maybe the fourth time ever. It wasn’t even close to full, so who knows what got it upset.

Zach was already asleep so I had to wake him up to help me get the water mopped up. There was a bag of cleaning rags and on the floor in our laundry closet and the bottom fell out when I picked it up. Thankfully there wasn’t too much water, it was just spread out.

After cleaning up the mess, I had some Silk. That stuff cheers me up, even when appliances are misbehaving. If you haven’t tried Silk Pure Almond dark chocolate, you’re missing out. Fact. And now, dear reader, I’m off to bed (aka playing on Pinterest until I fall asleep) …

3 thoughts on “our washing machine is possessed

  1. Hope the washer is okay now! Glad you had rags to soak up the water. I have more rags for you to keep in there, just in case. I would have eaten a Hershey Bar after that so I understand how chocolate is soothing. : )

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