weekend reads #3

Weekend reads is a regular roundup of bloggers and their awesome sites. I sometimes get overwhelmed with all the new blogs I want to check out. This is a series of weekly posts, which features blogs I already follow as well as ones I’m just discovering. Let’s get started!

These three blogs are close to my heart. Why? Because all three go above and beyond to build up the creative community. It’s a beautiful thing to see. I love reading something that gives me warm fuzzies, especially after reading the news all day. But it’s not all fluff. These sites offer insights, inspiration and motivation you will love.

Oh My! Handmade

Many people contribute to Oh My! Handmade but the editor and community leader is Jessika. If you are a business owner, crafter or just a lover of all things creative and handmade, you should read the blog and follow Jessika on twitter.

Jessika embodies all the attributes I think of when I envision a community builder. She creates an environment that is both welcoming and truly inspiring. I could go on and on about all of her awesome, but I’ll let you learn more out about her yourself.

If you want to jump right in, I highly recommend checking out the post on Oh My University and marking your calendar for the #omhg twitter chat Sept. 6, 2012. It’s going to be a great one (they always are), particularly after the break in August. Come prepared to expand your community; you’ll meet all sorts of amazing people through Oh My!

I discovered Jenelle through an #omhg chat and I’m so glad. She’s on an amazing mission to create change in the world. She wants people all over the world to repurpose at least one item each day. Jenelle is one of many contributors to Oh My! I especially love her post on the importance of street cred.

As a blogger, crafter and Etsy shop owner, I love what Oh My! provides. Each month, the site focuses on a different theme. And I’ve yet to read a post I didn’t love. The tagline for the site says it all: your creative community and guide to businessy goodness. Amen!

Unicorns for Socialism

I don’t remember how I first stumbled onto Unicorns for Socialism, but I want to say it was through Pinterest.

Alexandra’s site is just as quirktastic as she is. I also follow her on twitter. She writes fun, inspiring posts about everything from determining the theme of your life to mastering confrontation.

I love that her blog shares so many guides, tips and so much motivation to help readers become the beautiful unicorns we all have waiting to burst out of us. Rainbows and unicorns for everyone! Read her posts and complete her questionnaires and you will feel the creative juices really starting to flow.


Brett is the mastermind behind the creative laboratory IAMTHELAB, where you will find postings about all things indie, handmade, design-y and wonderful.

I’ve discovered so many new and amazing artists by reading Brett’s posts as well as following him on twitter. I love his recent feature on James Mattison’s A B Sea poster. IAMTHELAB started with a simple goal – “to serve as a resource to help foster the growth and influence of the handmade community.” I think we can safely say that goal has been met and exceeded.

Full disclosure: Brett and I collaborate on Project #icandoit365. I can assure you, I would have said all these nice things about him before our collab. Promise!

If you write a blog I should know about or have a favorite you would like to recommend, contact me. If you’re interested in writing about three of your favorite blogs, let me know and we can talk about setting up a guest post.

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