just another simple Sunday

What is your favorite way to waste time? I love a lazy, rainy day. I slept through the morning and woke up to my favorite weather. Hooray for rain!

I watched a marathon of Extreme Couponing in the afternoon. Caught up on reading a book and blogs. I cleaned out my email from the comfort of my couch. It was a nice and slow kind of day.

It wasn’t entirely unproductive. I’ve got clean laundry and dishes. But there was no to-do list to complete. I feel rested and relaxed. And it feels like the day was long even though I slept through a big chunk of it.

Do you give yourself free days to do whatever you want? If you could have eight hours to spend quietly at home, what would you do?

One thought on “just another simple Sunday

  1. Eight hours at home? That is my dream! I LOVE to stay home! I would make cards, work on craft projects, sew, read, nap, drink coffee while dressed in my favorite shirt and old shorts. Love the rain, too.

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