DIY handstitched doorstops and bookends

Make a doorstop or a few bookends in your favorite colors. All you need is a brick, some felt, a needle, maybe buttons for eyes and some floss in a coordinating color. This project is super easy.

Step 1: Stitch something cute in the center of your base color. For ours, I used a bird. You can cut out the shape you want. Or maybe cut out your initials or spell out your name? You can use felt for the topper or scrap fabric. If you want to you can stitch a border around the image.

Step 2: Wrap the brick with your base piece of felt, carefully placing your topper in the center. Just fold the felt as though wrapping a gift.

Step 3: Stitch it all together. Don’t worry if your stitches aren’t fancy. (I didn’t. Lol) The bottom won’t show anyway. Done!

One thought on “DIY handstitched doorstops and bookends

  1. Great idea for bookends and doorstops at my house. The big crystal rock I use to hold one of the doors open is pretty but it could scratch the floor. That felt covered brick would be better.

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