in love with a cart called Raskog

When I first saw the turquoise Raskog cart in an IKEA ad, I fell in love with it. This wheeled cart is perfect for rolling items from room to room in my house.

A few weeks ago, my 2013 IKEA catalog arrived and there was the cart, begging to come live in my house. I saved income from my shop until I had enough to buy it.

I put this bad boy together while sitting comfortably on my couch. I set it on the coffee table to get everything done. That’s my kind of construction work!

6 thoughts on “in love with a cart called Raskog

  1. Love that cart!!! I want one and I don’t even need it. The color is beautiful, it rolls, three shelves with walls to keep things contained-it may be the most versatile piece of furniture you own. I could list twenty uses for it in less than five minutes: food cart for kitchen, pet supplies, laundry cart, nightstand, nursery cart, garage cart, gardening cart, teacher cart, craft or art supply cart, bathroom storage cart, supply cart for recovering ill person, flea market vendor cart, book or magazine storage, music or movie storage, shoes or purses or jewelry in closet storage, front porch plant stand, front door catch-all for purses and keys,office folders on top and mail/bills & home business supplies like stamps for office, chest of drawers replacement for preschooler, copier cart with lower shelves for paper and other supplies. Is that twenty? Want twenty more? : )

  2. I really want one of those but I would have to paint it. Probably gray or black. Then it would be perfect for my house! I would probably use it for preschool art supplies. Glad to know it is so easy to put together. Now I just have to save my money too. 🙂

  3. I love it too! Looking for two of them for my craft space but they are sold out across Canada and no idea when they will be in stock. If anyone has any way to hook up, I’d be willing to pay shipping and a finders fee!

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