baby food jars + craft supplies = an easy upcycled DIY

There are thousands of small items in my studio. Little craft items I need to store usually end up in a Ziploc baggie or one of several mismatched boxes.

Now I’ve got awesome upcycled containers that function better and make it way easier to find what I’m looking for. All these baby food jars needed was a good wash and a coat of spray paint on their lids.

I especially love these for the tiny letters I use to make custom notebooks for my shop. Rather than searching for ages to find the letters I need, I’ve split the letters (a-d in one jar, e-h in another, etc.). Talk about a time saver!

The jar of brads may be the prettiest one in my collection. I just love that it’s so easy to see what’s inside so I can quickly get to what I’m looking for.

Ask your friends with little ones to start saving baby food jars for you for your projects. This works with larger jars too. Your pasta jar can hold ribbon, crayons, paper scraps, etc. What is your favorite storage solution?

2 thoughts on “baby food jars + craft supplies = an easy upcycled DIY

  1. Very cute jars with pretty lids! I keep little dabs of stuff in those divided plastic trays. I have all kinds of old jars with stuff I collect like souvenir smashed pennies, shells from a beach, crystal rocks from a trip, scrabble letters, old keys, etc. Cute little baby food jars will now go in my cabinet, too.

  2. Love the spray painted lids! I use jars for everything and I saw a pic of a lady’s craft room on her blog (can’t remember-but I pinned to Pinterest) and one of her best ideas was a shelf up high on the wall with a row of spaghetti sauce jars with ribbon sorted by color. So there was a rainbow of jars and she could always find the color of ribbon she needed. So now when I do that for my new craft room I will paint the lids to match! Thanks Rori. 😉

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