a simple no-sew DIY to give old sandals new life

I heart this little DIY. It’s perfect for us frugalistas who can’t go out and buy a new pair of shoes for every outfit. The best part of this version? It isn’t permanent. No sewing. No glue. Just safety pins and a few minutes.

What you need:

  • a pair of flip flops or sandals
  • 8 small safety pins
  • scissors
  • ribbon or 1-inch fabric strips

Wrap the ribbon or fabric strips around each strap.

Pin the fabric or ribbon to itself inside so it doesn’t show. (Use scissors to snip any loose threads from fabric strips, if that’s what you use.) This is a great opportunity to upcycle some old fabric too.

You can change the colors to match the season, an outfit, whatever presents itself. Yay for easy and versatile projects!

One thought on “a simple no-sew DIY to give old sandals new life

  1. That would be a cute way to make your shoes match your dress if you made it and had fabric left over. Too bad there isn’t a way to do this with winter shoes. : )

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