DIY washi tape tealights

I have this big bag of tealight candles. I bust them out on days like today, when I’m boiling eggs and don’t want the whole house to stink.

It occurred to me today that these plain little candles could be really pretty when wrapped with my collection of awesome washi tape.

All I did was carefully wrap the candle with the tape. It’s super easy. I think I’m going to always use washi tape on my tealights now. They are soooo much more fun like this!

If you’re looking for a washi tape resource, my favorites are Omiyage and PrettyTape. All the tape featured in this post came from those two shops. What is your favorite washi project?

4 thoughts on “DIY washi tape tealights

  1. Those are too CUTE, Rori! I’ve never liked those little tacky things, but now I love them! That is an amazing upgrade for plain tealights!!!

  2. I left comment and forwarded that to Grams. I just told her to put her bag of tea lights in the goodwill bag to donate. That blog is one of my favorite bc I did hate those little cheap tea lights and now I think they are just so cute. I had told Grams that No One likes those stupid things. She will think that is funny that I now think they are wonderful.

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    c x

  3. I am using those “tacky things” (lol) in a grouping of about 80 or so and they were going to seem kind of plain. I don’t have 80 ish holders but I could get some pretty tape. Genius. Thank you for sharing such a great idea!

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