simple + shiny DIY: she sprays seashells with silver spray paint

I always collect seashells when I visit a beach. And then they end up scattered around the house or collecting dust in a dish somewhere.

This DIY is a fun and simple way to make these little souvenirs really shine.

Just place the shells on newspaper or wax paper outside. Shake up your favorite spray paint and coat the shells. (Be sure you rinsed the shells well so any sand and dust is removed.) Let them dry and voilà! We used silver spray paint, but you could use whatever color suits your décor.

Imagine a mason jar filled with shells sprayed gold or various neon colors. How awesome would that be? What color(s) would you use?

3 thoughts on “simple + shiny DIY: she sprays seashells with silver spray paint

  1. Love the tongue twister and the silver seashells. I’ll spray shells all different colors this weekend to put in the shell table in my classroom science center. The children will love that! Thanks for an easy, cute project.

  2. A friend’s mom made her an autumn wreath one time with nothing but silver spray painted leaves from her yard. It was stunning! Thank you for the seashell idea. I store mine in jelly jars- one for Galveston and one for Ft Lauderdale. Of course, I use jelly jars for everything, lol.

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