I have a confession to make: I watch some really bad TV

I watch good stuff – the Science channel, the news … but I also watch some of those “reality” shows we all despise (or claim to). I know, I know. I shouldn’t watch them. But I do …

Don’t worry. I still read a ton, despite my poor taste in TV. 🙂

Toddlers & Tiaras (TLC)

There’s some borderline child abuse and an excessive number of moms (occasionally dads) living vicariously through their children in some genuinely shameful ways. I don’t watch this one regularly. I just catch the odd rerun, but it always manages to suck me in. I cannot wrap my head around people who regularly pour thousands of dollars into putting their children through a grueling process most of them seem to hate. And if they win, they usually only get a crown, toys, candy and a few hundred dollars. I can’t figure it out. Maybe it’s the puzzle that keeps me watching?

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (TLC)

First of all, I blame twitter for even knowing about this show. Thanks to my DVR, I almost never see commercials. But twitter went bananas a few weeks ago with the #honeybooboo hashtag. What was everyone complaining about? Then I googled. I’ve watched the first few episodes. Holy cow! These are some hardcore redneck people! They admit as much often, so I’m not being mean here. The redeeming thing about the show so far, in my opinion, is that the little girl – Alana – who is the focus of the show seems to actually want to be in pageants.

Hoarders (A&E)

This show always, always leads to cleaning something and throwing out/donating lots of things. This is another show I only catch in reruns, but it is constantly shocking. Are there really that many people living with junk piled from the floor to the ceiling? And they must have blown millions on all the crap they have built up, right? It’s nuts. I like when they seem to get good results and I like that the show includes psychological help. But some of the people on the show seem so unstable. It’s like they’re exploited sometimes. I find those episodes difficult if not impossible to watch.

The Real World (MTV)

Yep, that show is still on the air. And, yes, I’m too old to still be watching this. Remember the very first Real World where there were normal looking people who had jobs and they lived in a regular apartment? Now they’re on their own island. I’m not sure why I watch. It’s always the same: the cast parties, gets wasted, fights, someone probably will be sent home for crossing some line, roommates will sleep with roommates because we all know how well that tends to work out, etc. It’s practically formulaic. I think people just go on the show now so they can get a tiny bit of fame and, if they’re lucky, continue to earn a living for the next 20 years by going on MTV’s ridiculous alumni competition shows.

Dance Moms (lifetime)

I really like this one. The kids are great dancers and there are performances in each episode, so that’s cool. And the mama drama is hilarious. The owner of the studio, Abby Miller, is no-nonsense (despite being nonsensical herself on occasion) and pushes her dancers to strive for perfection no matter what. Most of the time I think she has their best interests at heart. Sometimes I think she’s just trying to aggravate the moms. The moms waver between looking out for their kids, living vicariously through their kids, being complete stage mom nightmares, and seeming to just crave a little extra drama. I cannot figure out what they do outside of schlepping the kids to and from dance classes and performances.

So now you know my dirty TV secrets. What are yours? Any terrible/wonderful reality shows I should add to my list?



One thought on “I have a confession to make: I watch some really bad TV

  1. First of all, I’m too antsy to sit and watch tv. I hate beauty pageants for children so I have never seen that show. I have seen the Hoarders show and, like you, it made me get rid of stuff. I don’t know the other shows. My bad tv shows are on scyfy and they are those stupid giant ants, earthquakes, hopping robotic spiders, etc. Stupid with horrible acting, but great late night weekend tv watching. Add M &M’s and it can be a perfect Saturday night!

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