DIY orange-infused oil

Today Zach made a batch of DIY orange-infused oil. He used olive oil and the zest of a tangelo. The whole house smelled like oranges while it was heating up. Yum!

It’s a pretty simple process. Peel the zest of the orange. Toss in to about half a cup of olive oil. We only wanted a little orange oil, so you may want to use more. Just be sure to add more zest if that’s the case.

Use a double boiler, if you have one. We don’t so Zach used one of our metal mixing bowls in a pot of water.

Let the zest and oil hang out in the heat for about 20 minutes.

Carefully pour into a jar for storage. We reuse pasta jars, so that’s what we used for our oil. For the right potency, Zach will repeat this process until the oil smells the way he wants it to.

Tomorrow, he will strain the oil through cheesecloth (you can try a coffee filter instead, but it will be much slower). He will throw away the old zest and repeat the process with the strained oil and new zest.

One thought on “DIY orange-infused oil

  1. The orange infused oil must smell heavenly, but what do you do with this oil? I’m old and not familiar with this. Is he going to make soap and use it to flavor the soap?

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