losing my Hatch chile virginity

Zach made Hatch chile burgers today. I admit I was a Hatch virgin. Every year, Central Market’s HatchFest rolls around and I wonder what the big deal is. Now I get it. Best burger ever!

By the way, you should totally enter the Hatch Chile Recipe Contest, if you have a worthy recipe. Central Market is giving a 75 lbs. of Hatch chiles and a $100 gift card to winners. Just think of the epic food fest you could host! (And remember to invite me after you win.)

There’s just something about an amazing sandwich. A few months ago I was obsessed with BLTs with mustard, Earth Balance mayo, and cucumber. Delicious. After probably 50 of those, I moved on to meatball subs.

What is your favorite sandwich? I need to try some of the wraps from this Whole Story post. They look and sound yumtastic. Imagine them with some Hatch chiles …

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