when was your last giggle fit?

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Do you talk in your sleep? Zach and I both do on occasion. I recently heard him singing in his sleep. This morning, he woke me in the middle of a dream because I was laughing. Out loud. In my sleep.

Zach: “What are you laughing at?”

Me: “This girl on some TV show we were watching. She said something hilarious and we were laughing about it.”

Zach: “Are you awake?”

Me: (still laughing) “Now I am.”

Rumor has it laughter is great for our health. That must explain why it feels so good. Apparently you can even become a Certified Laughter Leader. The medical value of laughter goes all the way back to Hippocrates.

I have to tell you, waking up in the middle of a giggle fit is kind of awesome. I highly recommend it. I think Anderson Cooper‘s giggle fits are probably the most contagious. I mean, really. Can you watch without laughing? I love it! Perhaps this baby goat will inspire a few giggles. When is the last time something really made you laugh?

3 thoughts on “when was your last giggle fit?

  1. Loved the goats. I have never watched Anderson Cooper because I am too hyper to watch much television, but I AM going to watch it to see if he makes me laugh. The last thing that made me laugh was Zach going to the bike ride and forgetting his bike. That was funny because it reminded me of myself, only I’m old. I love to laugh until I cry and can’t catch my breath. That only happens a few times a year, but there is nothing like it.

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