a baby possum + a random act of kindness

We had an unexpected opportunity to commit a random act of kindness today. Zach woke me up this morning to tell me Jake had discovered a teeny baby possum in our yard. The little guy must have fallen out of his nest because he didn’t appear ready to be running around on his own. Poor little possum.

The mama possum never came to get him and he appeared to have an injury – possibly from falling out of our tall tree. I made a soft bed of towels at the bottom of a little tub so we could get the baby out of the heat and away from potential predators. Zach went out and carefully placed the possum on the towels.

Zach took him to a shelter. A shelter worker said the possum looks like he has a 50 percent chance of making it. I’m just glad he didn’t have to die slowly from the heat or painfully by a predator. And maybe he’ll make it. Possums are pretty tough critters.

I love that Jake barked and stayed by the possum to let us know it was there. I love that Zach is the type of guy who will go out of his way to rescue a helpless animal. So our random act of kindness for today was rescuing an injured baby animal. I think Liam and Sebastian would have liked that.

Big thank you hearts to those of you doing random acts of kindness in memory of Liam and Sebastian. I love knowing you are making the world a little brighter because of our boys. It’s beautiful!

What is your favorite animal rescue story? Do you provide food or water for wild animals?

6 thoughts on “a baby possum + a random act of kindness

  1. The photo looks like a newborn possum to me. Today the lady across the street from the school said she got the desk I put out by the curb on Friday for her little girl. She said she wanted one of the chairs I put out but while she was taking the desk inside, another car pulled up and took the chairs. I told her I will put a chair on her porch tomorrow. I asked her if she wants all the old school furniture I’m getting rid of and she said she did. We made a deal that I will just put stuff on her porch and if she doesn’t want it, she will then put it on her curb. That is my random act of kindness for today. I’m going to go get you a snowcone but that is planned, not random….

  2. When I see an abandoned baby animal it is so hard to not want to help. Earlier this spring I saved a baby robin from a cat and put him high enough in a pine tree that the cat hopefully left him alone and he grew into a big beautiful robin!

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