happy #icandoit365 launch day

Today is the official launch of Project #icandoit365. Who else is excited? This project is is a collaboration from IAMTHELAB and MadeByRori. It’s designed to help motivate, inspire, and promote regular blogging, whether it’s daily, weekly or once a month.

If you just aren’t sure it’s worth your time, let me share my experience with my trial. I started the project a month early. I added a new post every day beginning July 1. I believe my results speak for themselves: This blog saw a year over year traffic increase 1,124% for the month of July. Happy dance time!

How’s that for a spike in traffic?

Will I still post every day in August? Yes! Can I maintain this all year? Who knows. But I know one thing for sure, it has been totally worth it. Coming up with post ideas is getting easier and easier. And I’ve connected with so many wonderful people just in one month of blogging.

You can follow me (@RoriStories), Brett (@IAMTHELAB) and our project (@icandoit365) on twitter for daily motivation. Use hash tag #icandoit365 when you share links to your posts so we can read and share all your awesome too.

6 thoughts on “happy #icandoit365 launch day

  1. Hope you can keep it up because I love reading these each day. I learn a lot and get glimpses of so many new ideas. It’s easy, fast, and FUN!

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