this week’s discovery: an Omiyage obsession

My newest shop obsession is Omiyage. The name is Japanese for souvenir; the shop is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and the products are awesome! Marisa Edghill and Elias de Souza are the crafty geniuses behind all the loveliness you can purchase from Omiyage.

I may have to get a whole zoo of their paper balloons. Have you ever seen so much cute?

I’m pretty much in love with this paper balloon fish that came with my surprise pack. How cute is he?

I’m 30 going on 5 so I still love a good grab bag. (Ask my mom. She’ll confirm my ridiculous and lifelong obsession.) I find indie shop owners always offer the coolest surprise bags, so it’s no surprise to see all the magical goodies Omiyage provides in theirs.

You choose a pack based on color. I wanted blue but it sold out super fast so I chose green. It’s now sold out too. But you can still get yellow and pink. Just imagine all the cuteness.


One thought on “this week’s discovery: an Omiyage obsession

  1. Yes, Rori has always loved grab bags and everything in them! The blow up fish is cute and unique. Shipped flat, it inflates when air is blown into the mouth of the fish. Cute and amazing!

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